Here are the key areas where we can help you along the relevant security and compliance journey for your business. This journey will include a number of cyber-related regulations and securely transform your operations with services custom-designed for your organisation.

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Governance Risk & Compliance

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) refers to a strategy for managing an organisation's overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations. Think of GRC as a structured approach to aligning IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements.


A well-planned GRC strategy comes with lots of benefits such as improved decision-making, more optimal IT investments, elimination of silos and reduced fragmentation among divisions and departments, to name a few.

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Data Privacy Consulting

We help organisations become compliant and maintain their position with the Privacy Act and EU GDPR provisions and regulations.


By taking a strong stance with proactive management of PII and sensitive information, your organisation can build a strong foundation of trust with your stakeholders.


When you engage Nueva Solutions, you have the assurance that our team is tackling privacy management and potential threats with the right structured approach – managing risks and protecting the information of your customers and organisation around the clock.

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Security Assessment

This service will allow you to validate that the Implementation and Security Configuration of your IT Systems is at the level that it needs to be.


A Security Assessment provides you with an understanding of the security posture of an IT system with a specific focus on validating security functions, including technology that has already had security hardening.


Security Assessments can also include validating the implementation of technical controls under industry or government frameworks, such as the hardening guide in the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).


A Security Assessment will provide you with a report outlining the systems assessed and detailing security issues identified and recommended remediation activities.

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Penetration Testing

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities and have comfort that your applications and network are secure with our comprehensive penetration testing service.


What is a penetration test?

A Penetration Test (also known as Ethical Hacking) is an authorised hacking attempt targeting an organisation’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff, with the aim of gaining access to its virtual assets. The purpose of this test is to harden security defences by eliminating vulnerabilities and advising on areas that are susceptible for compromise.

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