What is NaaS?

This service is a more hands-off approach for node operation without the need for a technical understanding of how to build and manage infrastructure. We simply provide you with a brand-new node, and it’s up to you which network or project you want to support.

We’re taking the same reliable and flexible infrastructure from previous projects, and are simply allowing anyone who wants to run a node to use it. We manage your redundancy, backups, upgrades and security; all you need to do is manage your staked tokens, data and identity.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure consists of high-performance servers, enhanced DDoS protection, UPS backup in case of power surges, climate control, fire protection, and 24/7 qualified technicians.

Skin in the game

We invest in our projects side by side with our customers, as being part of the process, for both benefits and risks, is what proves our long term commitment and faith in our network.


Transparency is one of our core values and it is utterly reflected in our decision making. For this reason, all future changes to our rates will be duly notified and scheduled in advance.

Dedicated Support

We are reachable across different channels, including emails, Telegram, Twitter



We are trying to allow our customers as many options as possible to pay for their services. We will be adding more options very soon! 

Option 1

The first option below is a subscription-based model which allows you to pay via PayPal using a linked credit card or bank account. You set it and forget it for up to 6 months at a time and can cancel the subscription at any point. 

Option 2

For anyone that would prefer to send us payments in Crypto this option allows you to send us your details along with the transaction ID. You can select any amount you want and this is obviously a one-off payment.

**As a registered business we need to track all payments and include 10% GST on all payments from Australian customers**

Option 1 (USD)

Node Hosting Plans for the Evanesco Pool

Option 2 (USD)
**GST Added**